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i just sighed. i just sighed, just so you know. by los campesinos! [lyrics]

i’m so sorry to have to put you through a lifetime of dedications you never desired.

— 2 days ago with 4 notes
#i just sighed. i just sighed just so you know.  #i just sighed  #los campesinos!  #los campesinos  #romance is boring  #when i hold sea shells to my ears i'm pretty sure i can hear you 

picture of success by rilo kiley [lyrics]

i’m a modern girl, but i fold in half so easily.

— 3 days ago with 11 notes
#picture of success  #rilo kiley  #take offs and landings 

chandelier by sia [lyrics]

party girls don’t get hurt.

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#chandelier  #sia  #1000 forms of fear 

work by 1,2,3 [lyrics]

the age of sinatra still exists in some bars.

— 6 days ago with 8 notes
#work  #123  #new heaven 

ocean avenue by yellowcard [lyrics]

if i could find you now, things would get better.

— 1 week ago with 9 notes
#ocean avenue  #yellowcard 

lies by chvrches [lyrics]

you got to show me both knees, skin and bone. 

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#lies  #chvrches  #the bones of what you believe 

drunk in love by beyoncé featuring jay z [lyrics]

we woke up in the kitchen saying, “how the hell did this shit happen?”

— 2 weeks ago with 26 notes
#drunk in love  #beyoncé  #beyonce  #jay z 

head over feet by alanis morissette [lyrics]

i’ve never felt this healthy before— i’ve never wanted something rational.

— 2 weeks ago with 13 notes
#head over feet  #alanis morrissette  #jagged little pill 

crystalised by the xx [lyrics]

don’t think that i’m pushing you away when you’re the one that i’ve kept closest.

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#crystalised  #the xx  #xx 

fast in my car by paramore [lyrics]

we’ve got our riot gear on, but we just want to have fun.

— 3 weeks ago with 5 notes
#fast in my car  #paramore