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buddy bradley by adam green [lyrics]

my own feeling is mostly unclear, and when i’m talking to you, i’m not here.

— 1 day ago
#buddy bradley  #adam green  #minor love 

hands clean by alanis morissette [lyrics]

what part of your memory is selective and tends to forget?

— 3 days ago with 2 notes
#hands clean  #alanis morissette  #under rug swept 

a good idea at the time by an historic [lyrics]

dabbled in some magics beyond my scope.

— 5 days ago with 1 note
#a good idea at the time  #an historic  #cutoff  #cutoff split 

california stars by billy bragg and wilco [lyrics]

i’d give this world just to dream a dream with you on our bed of california stars.

— 6 days ago with 3 notes
#california stars  #mermaid avenue  #billy bragg  #wilco  #woody guthrie 

friday i’m in love by the cure [lyrics]

it’s such a wonderful surprise to see your shoes and your spirits rise.

— 1 week ago with 7 notes
#friday i'm in love  #the cure  #wish 

tired tried by fishboy [lyrics]

i’m tired, i’m tired, i’m tired of playing all my scales— i tried, i tried to learn every one, and i failed.

— 1 week ago with 5 notes
#tired tried  #fishboy  #nom 

deuteronomy 2:10 by the mountain goats [lyrics]

i am a flightless bird, and there’ll be no more after me.

— 1 week ago with 8 notes
#deuteronomy 2:10  #the mountain goats  #the life of the world to come 

drunk again by reel big fish [lyrics]

some people have a gift of reaching right into your soul and finding the hole and making it bigger.

— 1 week ago with 7 notes
#drunk again  #reel big fish  #cheer up!  #cheer up 

hour follows hour by ani difranco [lyrics]

too much is how i love you, but too well is how i know you.

— 1 week ago with 5 notes
#hour follows hour  #ani difranco  #not a pretty girl  #i just hope it was ok i know it wasn't perfect 

the worst guys by childish gambino featuring chance the rapper [lyrics]

on my porch smoking vapour, hit with the sunday paper, listening to the neighbours.
— 2 weeks ago with 22 notes
#the worst guys  #childish gambino  #chance the rapper  #because the internet